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1. Why play music? I donít know how not to. I tried to stop writing at different times in my life for different reasons but the songs kept coming. It is my goal to create the best art I can to engage a society who cares less and less for artistic merit.

2. Who are your influences? Todd Rundgren, Beatles, Stephen Sondheim, Peter Gabriel/Genesis, Elvis Costello, Jules Shear, Brian Wilson etc.

3. What is success? The knowledge of the right thing to do and the will and ability to do it.

4. Why should people buy your CDs? Because they like the music and are challenged by the ideas.

5. Who do you love? A bit of a nebulous question...Musically, my latest discovery is the music of Sam Brown. Sheís easily my favorite female vocalist.

6. What do you hope to achieve with the new CD? To get it out of my system so I can get onto the next one.

7. Why did the label release your CD? I guess they liked it and the last one didnít loose money.

8. Who comes to your gigs? I very rarely play out.

9. What is your favorite album? A Wizard A True Star - by Todd Rundgren
West Side Story is my favorite piece of music.

10. How did you get here? You invited me.