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1.               Why play music?

Its just something that I have always done, maybe a kind of instinctual gravitation or something?

2.      Who are your influences?
I think that I have been influenced by folk infused singer/songwriters like Nick Drake. Iíve also really admired the work of contemporary artists like Michael Penn and Aimee Mann.

3.      What is success?
I guess to me its just feeling good about what you are doing with your life.

4.      Why should people buy your CDs?
IĎve always thought that itís a nice feeling to get lost in a record. I think thatís as good a reason anyone should have for buying a disc or for that matter my disc. I hope that Any Given Day affords one the opportunity to get just a little bit lost.

5.      Who do you love?
I find myself edging closest to people who are passionate about living and doing their thing.

6.      What do you hope to achieve with the new CD?
My aspiration is that the CD finds its way into some good homes.

7.      Why did the label release your CD?
I think my disc represented a chance for Popboomerang to steer into a softer singer/songwriter style of pop. It helps that Scott Thurling (of Popboomerang) really liked the tunes and was really supportive of getting the record made. His label is an inspiration for artists such as myself.  

8.      Who comes to your gigs?

For some reason lots of girls tend to come to my gigs. And I donít think thatís a bad thing.

9.      What is your favorite album?

A favourite is hard to pinpoint but one that I often find myself revisiting is Michael Pennís 1989 release ĎMarchí. Its a good compass.

10.     How did you get here?

I guess that to get anywhere you are just lucky enough that someone has listened to your stuff. People who listen to music are the ones that get artists to where they are. They are the ones doing all the work and should be thanked the most!