Oh man, I feel guilty for not getting to this CD earlier – it’s been sitting in my “To Review” pile for months now but somehow or other, could never get right down to typing out the review. Better late than never, eh? Truth is, I really dug T2000’s last release – the poptastic Instant Action and was looking forward to this with eager anticipation. Maybe that’s the problem – great expectations. Whilst Catch-22 doesn’t quite touch the same heights, there’s no denying that the way T2000 attack those sludge-y power chords on the irresistible opener “Walking Out the Door,” in the finest tradition of the Kinks’ earliest material is sheer bliss. Especially when you discover a groove that sinks its claws into you so deep you cannot help but…move!

The rest of Catch-22never really gets going in the same vein but T2000 takes the time to fully explore the complete spectrum of Britpop circa 1963 - 1966 eg. the Spectoresque belter “Crying in the Morning,” the swinging “Just Because,” the tight epic “You Don’t Love Me Anymore,” the jaunty Lennonesque “Let’s Keep It Real” and the punky “Action Girl.”

That said, Catch-22 contains twenty-two tracks of sharp ambition and each one is evenly distinctive, honest expressions of the pop genius that resides in Donna Esposito and Frank Bednash. Long, long may they run! A-